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2 years ago

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Two years ago I was working in nonktube a shootout with magazines and newspapers and a lot of the pictures were mostly of porn magazines. I have pictures of all sorts of men and women in some very comprimising positions. some of the women were beautiful, sexy and yes, I bought the window, but never actually did anything reasons is that I was married with children. to say that one morning I went to a meeting with some great chefs for a porn magazine called and wanted someone a bit different, so were the auditions for women. I was asked to sit in these auditions and I had to say, I thought it was worth a photo. Believe me, there were nonktube all kinds and all ages. one girl in particular took the eye and persuaded the other chiefs. She arrived in a very comfortable and very attractive. He sat before me, and it soon became clear he was French. spoke and answered every question and was asked to wait outside the room. Paul was the principal chief sitting next to me andrubbed his penis and asked us what we think of her, smiled and said yes she is the one then the other head umm Layla said nonktube she is very sexy and French. It turned out that the French girl's name was Lisselle and she was 18 and had a massage nonktube worked in Amsterdam, red light district. His mother had come with her to this hearing. We ask you again and to my surprise, Paul said he needed to see a bit of meat. Sun Layla asked what he likes and what she's sexually willing to do the photo shoots. She blushed and told us they do not care who is willing to please. This gave me a rock hard cock and then Paul asked him if he removed his pants, so we could see that her breasts were like. stood up and pulled her sweater and sat down again, wearing a flesh-colored bra and see through small breasts, round and a flat stomach is toned. Paul then some questions and then asked to drop his pants, sheand moved to her, wearing flesh-colored, covered peaks Nickers was a knockout and then I had to photograph new to this girl in front of me. Layla very personal questions that may have a boyfreind, if bi or hetero. Then we said they would not mind if he slept with a girl, but she had done a few shows in Amsterdam with other girls. Sat nonktube Paul was rubbing his penis back and could see he wanted to fuck she was doing well, so Layla said mineral to be nonktube taken to support and provide for us, nonktube as if she, who was photographed, they are took on a bench in the corner of the room raised and cupped her breasts and smiled as he did, was. Layla approached her and knelt beside her, Layla is a lesbian and has caught many women who auditioned shes some say it's part of foreplay. Layla is tall and thin, with wavy brown hair to his shoulders, is in his fortys but still a fantastic body, although for manyboob job breast are large and firm. Nickers Lissells slipped to lay naked on the bench and put them back Layla then touched her breasts and playing with her nipples. Lissell was there with his eyes closed and enjoy the hands of women throughout the body. Layla, started playing between the legs slowly and gently rub around the legs and moving his hands on her breasts again. Layla got up and button-free cotton blouse to show her breasts Lissell then knelt again and put his nonktube arms around the waist and gives Lissells lips met and kissed her gently. Lissell was touching and fondling them, cupping her breasts and Layla, both were moaning in pleasure at the touch of others bodys. My cock was hard and I was beginning to wonder how long I could only see this happening to me. I looked at Paul and said he had unzipped his pants and without masturbating slowly and saw two women kissing nonktube and sucking each OTRERS breasts in turn. Paul looked at me and said, I have nonktube come to fuck and do it soon. Layla mov
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